Jasmin Miller will one day make a brilliant lawyer or physician.  For now, though, she is focused on the medicine and science behind the lawsuits filed by Cowper Law.  She is a strong medical researcher who can distill a vast body of medical literature quickly and thoughtfully. She is passionate about the law and knows how to take complicated medical issues and make them more understandable.   She also believes that helping others is why she is here.

Jasmin graduated from Pepperdine University in 2015 with a degree in sports medicine (where she received a full scholarship as a Posse Scholar).  Following graduation, she completed her Emergency Medical Training certificate and she currently works part-time as an EMT for a drug rehabilitation and treatment facility in Los Angeles.

Jasmin has spent her life giving back to her community.  She has worked at the Malibu labor exchange where she uses her Spanish language skills to help migrant workers improve their English.  She has volunteered with Schools on Wheels – an organization that seeks to help homeless elementary school kids with reading and writing skills.  Currently, she volunteers at the greater West Hollywood Food Coalition where she helps feed the homeless.

Jasmin encapsulates what this law firm will always strive to be: smart, creative, passionate, and committed to helping people.   Those are not just words; that is who we are.