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The defective military ear plugs supplied by the 3M company to the US military caused a number of hearing problems to the military personnel in Los Angeles, who wore them. During the testing, the earplugs failed miserably. Not only were they useless as they failed to do the basic task of protecting the ears, but they were actually harmful to use. In particular, the closed green ends of these double coloured earplugs failed to do their job. Also, their length was not sufficient, so they would not insert properly in the ear and gave a loose grip and were therefore of no use. The tests further showed that when the other end of these defective military ear plugs was inserted into the ear, the coloured flanges on both ends got compressed by the ear canal or the user’s fingers. When the open end flange came back to its position, the earplug got placed in a way that it was left of no use.

What is the defective earplugs lawsuits about?

According to the court documents, allegations state the earplugs were too short to be properly inserted into users’ ears and could loosen, allowing for loud noises to travel inside the ear canal and cause damage. The documents stated that defective ear plugs lawsuits knew about the defect and falsely claimed the earplugs met military standards.

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