Jonathan Courtney has eight years of legal experience.  He intends to sit for the California bar exam in 2020.  As a law student at the University of Arizona, he prevailed in his first trial as a “student attorney” and second chaired a number of other cases while working in the public defender’s office.  Jonathan also provided legal assistance to the Pima County Office of Court Appointed Counsel (OCAC), the Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program (MCLAP), and the Arizona Capital Representation Project.  He also served as a legal intern in the Pima County Office of the Public Defender and as an intern to a Superior Court Judge in Pima County, Arizona.  In other words, he has dedicated his legal career to helping our underserved communities and fighting for those who often cannot fight for themselves.

Jonathan also has a Masters degree in sociology from the the University of Wisconsin. As part of the Masters program, he conducted research on police interrogation techniques, taught a number of undergraduate classes in sociology, and was also a guest lecturer. This post-graduate work has provided him with a unique lens with which to see race, ethnicity, gender, age, education, and social class that affects the cases we take on, how we litigate cases, and how we treat our clients. Jonathan has a way of connecting with our clients that is more personal, empathetic, and gives him a deeper understanding of the often bigger social problems that underlie the litigation this firm takes on. Pick up the phone and call him, you’ll see.


University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law
Juris Doctor, 2012

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Masters, Sociology, 2003

University of Arizona
Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, 2001