The U.S military personnels used military ear plugs, manufactured by 3M, which worked on dual-ended earplug working. But the military personnel faced a lot of difficulty because not only were these earplugs useless, but they were actually defective, which caused permanent hearing loss and hearing issues to the thousands of the users between 2003 and 2015. Not much later, evidences claimed that 3M was aware of the issue but still proceeded to allow the usage of these faulty military earplugs, which caused hearing loss to the veterans, who used these earplugs on the battlefield. The main defect in these earplugs was their short length, due to which, they became loose and the soldiers were directly exposed to the high noise on the field.

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Military Defective Ear Plugs – Military Hearing Loss Claim in Los Angeles CA

The False Claims Act Lawsuit held 3M guilty for providing these faulty earplugs to the military and ordered 3M to pay $9.1 million. Veterans, who suffered due to active usage of these defective earplugs can file a combat lawsuit against 3M under military hearing loss claims in Los Angeles. You can be eligible to get a compensation for these hearing medical problems from the military defective ear plugs in Los Angeles. A number of ex -servicemen in Los Angeles have already filed military hearing loss claims against it and are receiving monetary help through these claims through lawsuits. If you also served in the U.S military during that time and suffered any hearing problem, you can get compensation by filing the military hearing loss claims in Los Angeles, on behalf of the earplug lawsuits. Contact Cowper Law, and we will help you get the compensation for hearing loss through claim in Los Angeles.


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