Rose Mongeon

Rose Monegon is a paralegal at Cowper Law LLP.  She has a communications degree (with a minor in business) from Arizona State University.  She has a paralegal certificate with High Distinction from UCLA.  She has worked as a personal assistant, a billing person in human resources for a small company, and as a legal assistant in a small law firm in Scottsdale Arizona. 

But here is who Rose really is.  She walked into this law firm and said give me a shot.  “I didn’t go to law school.  I didn’t graduate from some fancy Ivy League university but I will give my soul to this firm and to our clients.  I believe in helping women like those who were implanted with the Essure device.  I want to fight for them.  I just need this one shot and I will prove to you that I can do this.”  We hired her on the spot.  Because that is the person you want on your team.  Because that is the person who will spend countless hours reviewing documents in order to find that one email that matters in proving our case.  Because you cannot teach that.

Rose knows what her “why” is; and so do we.  Rose Mongeon is a ninja – and a paralegal.  We are lucky to have her on the team.